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  • Fluid test benches design & manufacturing

  • Equipment in built to print

  • Retro Engineering

  • Test bench rental

  • Expertise


  • Equipment Design 

  • Structural analysis 

  • Magnétism analysis

  • Thermal analysis

  • Fluidic analysis

  • Design 3D

  • BOM

  • Detailed drawings

  • Engine fuel, oil, bleed systems architectures and simulations

  • Prediction of system performances

  • Engine bleed systems

  • Equipments assembly & tests

  • Test benches design & manufacturing

  • Equipment qualification & system certification

  • Fuel test bench

  • Bleed test bench

  • Nitrogen leakage 

  • Liquid cooler

  • Climatic chamber

  • Fuel contamination

  • Turbomachine oil

Test benches 

  • Cleaning Machine

  • Metrology station

  • Manual press

  • CNC laser welding Machine

  • 3 laminar blowing flow hoods for clean conditions assembly

Assembly line

Standardisation of 3 patented proportional limited angle torque motors 

wich can be supplied as a single product, in a direct drive valve or with manifold embedded various

hydro-mechanic functions.


Research & Development:

In patent electric fluid

heater Mass & Volume reduced unit


Wide variety of test benches: 

oil/fuel bench, air bench, leakage test bench,

ATP test bench


For customers such as Safran Power Unit 

Helium Leakage test bench

Oil or fuel test bench

ATEX certified, for equipment setting/test/endurance

Labview Data acquisition system (NI module)

(1600L/h flow, 70 bars, 20°C to 80°C environmental

conditions, fluid temp. from -35°C to 30

Release test bench & expertise area

For equipment’s: insulation test, dielectric strength test, lock wire assembly area, binocular control